Employees / Staff Accounts

It is important to note that only one user can access the account at any given time, and therefore simultaneous payments are not possible. But if it's necessary for you, we kindly advice you to create staff accounts. 

What are employee accounts?

Employee accounts allow you to create separate accounts for each employee. Your advantage: You can check & analyze each sale for every employee individually

Different accounts, one bank account: The transactions processed by your employees will be paid out to the bank account registered to your main account.

The rights of your employees

✓ Employees have a separate login for the SumUp App with a separate email address and password. They can accept card payment and check the sales history in the app. 

Employees can't log in to your Dashboard and change your account information. In addition, they can't enter a separate bank account - all settlements will be transferred to the bank account of the main account. Furthermore they can't switch advanced mode on or off, neither can they add products. It aligns with the settings of the main account. 

Consequently Employee Accounts have limited rights. The Master-Account (possessing all rights) sees the sales history of each Staff Account on our website and receives all payout reports by email, thus it has an accounting function.

How do I create staff accounts?

You can create staff accounts by logging in to the Dashboard on sumup.me. Please click on "Employees" and "Add new employee". Here you can choose an email address and a password for the staff account. Additionally you can disable and enable staff accounts at any time. 

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2017 10:18AM UTC