Organise receipts and transactions

How do I assign transactions on my settlement reports to the specific customers?

As a data security measurement, we don't save the name of the cardholder and therefore the name doesn't appear on your settlement reports, that is sent to you by email. But there is an easy solution: When you process a transaction, you can enter the name of the customer in the field "Description (optional)", after you entered the amount. This entry will appear on the settlement reports.

Which reports do I receive that I can use for my accounting?

Every time we transfer a settlement amount to your bank account, we'll also send you an email with a daily settlement report as a pdf file attached (the settlement is done in the morning, but the email is sent out at the end of the day). In addition, we'll send you at the beginning of each month, a monthly settlement report (consisting of two documents: a list of all your payouts and a list of your transaction fees from this month).  You can use these documents for your accounting. In case you'd like to search for the settlement reports in your email inbox, you can search for the subject "Daily Payout Report" or "Monthly Payout Report". In addition, you can resend the reports in your personal Dashboard on

Is there a proof of the transaction for my customer?

You can send a receipt to your customer by email or SMS, alternatively it's also possible to connect a receipt printer. Here you can find all important information. IMPORTANT! This is just a receipt and not an invoice. In case your customer requests an invoice of the payment, please create this document separately.

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2017 03:58PM UTC